One month to go…

As we move into May, and the London rain seems to be easing (don’t hold your breath), the Festival Village is really starting to take shape. Just as well, seeing as we have a month to go!

As we move into co-making twice a week, we thought it might be nice to summarise a bit of where we’ve come since mid January when we launched this ambitious project.

Over 500 people are actively engaged virtually with the Festival Village, and the making of it. More than half the space is made, including new doors, walls, toilets, the beginnings of furniture and the biggest blackboard you’ve ever seen. Around 50 people come up every week to make the space. New friendships, creative partnerships and some wonderful designs are being created. And, a local landlord had agreed to take on the running of the bar, for a taste of a true London pub. Perfect.

The wealth of talent and energy that is going into this every week is amazing, and all we have to do is keep it up for another 4 weeks…

It is never to late to get involved, so do join us if you are drawn to making, designing, creating… or just fancy learning a bit of DIY.


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