The Final Countdown…?

For all those who have been keeping abreast of the project via the blog, here is a summary of what we’ll be up to over the next couple of weeks….  we celebrate completion on the 30th May!

Saturday 19th + Sunday 20th: co-make weekend 11am-5pm

Monday 21st: co-making evening 6-9pm

Tuesday 22nd: co-making evenings 6-9pm

Wednesday 23rd: co-making evenings 6-9pm

Thursday 24th: co-making evenings 6-9pm

Friday 25th: co-making evenings 6-9pm

Saturday 26th + Sunday 27th: co-make weekend 11am-5pm

Monday 28th: final touches > co-making evening 6-9pm

Tuesday 29th: final touches > co-making evenings 6-9pm

You can just turn up, or let us know you are coming via:

 The kind of things we’ll be doing include…

Concrete casting: including the rest of the outside furniture, and all the bar tops. Join current co-makers Inez, Liv & Diarmuid in completing this design.

Front Facade: Join co-maker Muhammed in finishing the decoration of the front of the Festival Village. You get to use a nail gun…

Planting: We need to green the Festival Village! There is an open opportuntiy here to get plants, and decorate the space. Speak to Oliver or Andrew when you come down.

Graphics:  Join our active graphics and signage group. You’ll start in space, doing what is possible, then move to flooring signage (mapping out all the set-ups possible in the Festival Village).

Lighting: There are some wonderfully unique designs that have been created by the Festival Village co-makers, especially in the area of lighting.  We need to make them all now! Join Elena and Kalina on the production line….

Recycled furniture: Another great opportunity to work with some of our professional craftsmen to learn the art of making – this time furniture. We need plenty of places for people to sit & relax and we’re going to making all those places. Speak to Oliver or Andrew when you come down.

The felt wall: Know how to work with big panels of felt?  We are creating a mosaic of coloured felt panels for the dividing wall of the space. Speak to Oliver or Andrew when you come down.

Sewing the ceiling: On the very last co-make weekend (26th & 27th May) we will be sewing together large pieces of paper to create a soft ceiling in the hearth area of the space. We’re looking for stitching masters who can help create this amazing, delicate, design.

The Hearth Floor: Dedicated co-maker Marc has designed, cut, and is now laying this hexagonal floor. It has to be just right! If you are a dab hand a puzzles, this could be the job for you!

Finishing touches:  There are always more things to do… painting, clearing down spaces, other finishing touches… if you fancy being a general dogs body we’ll find something for you to do!

Look forward to seeing you at a co-make session soon.


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