About The Festival Village

As London celebrates the 2012 Olympics, Southbank Centre is inviting artists from around the UK and the world to participate and collaborate in our Festival of the World. Our new space, the Festival Village, will be at the heart of the festival. A place where artists, partners, participants and staff can socialise, connect, and relax.

Over the last two months we have been working with a growing community of London based artists and designers codesigning the elements of the space. We have created eleven design packages based on the needs of the space, and each week we explore, design and make each one. The packages are on the above tab, and we have pinterest moodboards developed by the community that give the designs direction and aesthetic. Come every Wednesday to design the elements, and every saturday to make them. The schedule of events is here and to sign up to them please go here We look forward to seeing you!

The space is under the Queen Elizabeth Hall at Southbank Centre is behind the skate park and opposite Giraffe restaurant and was being used as a store room and workshops. We have cleared out the two spaces and this Spring we will be transforming them into an amazing social space for this Summer.

The Festival Village is a co-production with LYN and TILT. For more information contact:Email: festivalvillage@southbankcentre.co.uk    Twitter: @festivalvillage    Facebook: Festival Village
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