Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Final layers of varnish, polishing, last tweaks, and tonight… we present… The Festival Village. Complete. What a 5 months we’ve all had.


Sun shines on the Festival Village

Sun shines on the Festival Village

Outside furniture in place, just the inside to get finished. Funnily enough, a gallery owner from Old St quite fancies buying a couple of these. Very proud co-makers!

Our bar with back lighting!

Seven coffee tables, one to go!

Getting through the last of our wood and ratchet straps.

Our wheel barrow easy chairs

In prototype tonight, remarkably comfortable!

Front facade

Just needs a plastic lining now!

Middle Wall

The middle wall before the felt panels go on.

Hearth Tables

What we’re doing with our left over wood, Making ables for the hearth!

The cafe tables

These graffiti boards were in the festival village when we arrived, they make great tables!

The Back Bar Casting

The bar top before the concrete is poured in with all the reinforcing.