Our bar with back lighting!


The Back Bar Casting

The bar top before the concrete is poured in with all the reinforcing.

Concrete Casting

The concrete team have cast seven table tops for the outdoor furniture this weekend, they will be coming out of their moulds on Wednesday! But there is more casting to be done, James and Justin have prepared the bar tops over the weekend, laid the reinforcing in and we will be casting concrete bar tops […]

The bar front and the back bar, looking forward to getting some back light behind the bricks.

The sides of the ramp begin!

We have so much plywood to recycle, we are really liking the different colours and grains in the wood!

The ramp and stairs

Here we have the finished ramp and stairs, (it will need some handrails and guarding, of course). Leaving us with a perfect space to build the bar!

The beginning of the ramp

And here are the beginnings of the ramp!

Arrival of the bricks

Arrival of the bricks

Atamas & friends with their 2 tonne pile of bricks. Thanks to Tom Edmunds of Forest Hill for the amazing donation. The materials hunt is officially under way!