Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Final layers of varnish, polishing, last tweaks, and tonight… we present… The Festival Village. Complete. What a 5 months we’ve all had.


Sun shines on the Festival Village

Sun shines on the Festival Village

Outside furniture in place, just the inside to get finished. Funnily enough, a gallery owner from Old St quite fancies buying a couple of these. Very proud co-makers!

Hearth Tables

What we’re doing with our left over wood, Making ables for the hearth!

The cafe tables

These graffiti boards were in the festival village when we arrived, they make great tables!

Co-make with our co-makers

The Final Countdown…?

For all those who have been keeping abreast of the project via the blog, here is a summary of what we’ll be up to over the next couple of weeks….  we celebrate completion on the 30th May! Saturday 19th + Sunday 20th: co-make weekend 11am-5pm Monday 21st: co-making evening 6-9pm Tuesday 22nd: co-making evenings 6-9pm Wednesday 23rd: co-making evenings 6-9pm Thursday 24th: co-making evenings 6-9pm […]

Festival Village in Design Week

Festival Village in Design Week

Great write up on what we are doing down at the Festival Village. Enjoy! 

Listen to whats going on at the festival village!

Our Family of Concrete Furniture

The family of stools has grown to 30! some have red dye in them, some are short and some are tall and now onto some tables tops, looking forward till Wednesday to see them come out of their moulds!

Hearth Flooring

Thanks to Marc’s persistence with cutting hexagons its looking like we will have a spectacular parquet floor!