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Between now and 28th May we are transforming a former store room under the Queen Elizabeth Hall into the “Festival Village” which will be at the heart of the Festival of the World and a hub for all artists, performers, staff, volunteers and partners.

The Festival Village is a co-production with LYN and TILT.

For more information contact:
Twitter: @festivalvillage
Facebook: Festival Village

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Event sign-up:

We have no direct phone number to ring, but you can call in on site (behind the Southbank Centre Skate Park) and someone might be around for you to talk to. We are there every Wednesday and every Saturday.



  1. Ruth Duckowrth says:

    This is the first opportunity I’ve had to reply as far as I know. So apparently there are some give/take sheets to complete. Where are they?

    • Hey Ruth, its great that you want to be involved more.

      I wouldn’t worry about the give/get cards at this point, the best way to get involved is to come along this Wednesday evening, 7 till 9 to the festival village and we can talk you through the design briefs and when we are building it all. You can always contact us through the email and also have a look at the design briefs tab on this blog and see what we’re up to!

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